Augmented Reality - AR

Augmented Reality

The technology known as web-based augmented reality (webAR) enables users to access AR experiences straight from their smartphones.

On most operating systems, mobile devices, and web browsers, individuals may enjoy the immersive and distinctive experience of AR on-demand because there is no need to download any applications. Web AR is entertaining for viewers, and it also works well for spreading advertising messages. According to studies, interactive components can boost material memory by up to 80%. Most mobile devices and browsers contain the technologies that are necessary for WebAR to function. This makes it widely accessible and ensures consistency of experience.

Virtual Reality - VR

The web's most convenient and feature-rich panorama viewer is HTML 360° Virtual Tour. This plugin was created using cutting-edge libraries for usage in backend solutions. Additionally, it offers a fantastic function called a virtual tour that let users move between different scenes. Additionally, it supports hotspots for constructing interactive tours or for giving information about any area of the scene. They have their own system for tooltips, which we may enhance with text, pictures, videos, and other web content. We use this plugin to make interactive presentations, tours, and maps. Deploying the plugin is simple. All current browsers and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows support it.

Mixed Reality - XR

Mixed Reality

The bridge between physical & digital worlds

The connection between the physical and digital worlds Describe Mixed Reality We investigate the underlying technology and social conventions of the mind-expanding mixed reality digital experience. the link connecting the physical and digital worlds. A new type of digital experience called "mixed reality" allows users to interact with "intelligent virtual objects" in their field of view while still being in the real world. Brick and mortar stores were put at risk by the growth of the internet and online purchasing, which ultimately changed the retail sector as a whole. Mixed reality has the potential to have a comparable impact on the sector. The best of the physical and digital worlds can be made available to company personnel through mixed reality technology supplied through a head-mounted wearable display.

Extend Reality - XR

Through a better consumer experience, increased employee performance, and the development of new content and services, XR creates new business value.

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are all included under the Extended Reality (XR) umbrella and enhance both digital and physical experiences. With the support of our cutting-edge team of technological specialists, we at ValueLabs assist in turning your ideas into reality.
Having witnessed the evolution of XR over the past decade, we have supported our clients on industry-specific strategy, art, design, user experience, development, QA, and analytics.

Extend Reality

Product launch on Metaverse

Product launch on Metaverse


Businesses now have a rare chance to develop fresh, cutting-edge approaches to delivering superior services driven by extraordinary experiences thanks to metaverse. We create Metaverse for companies utilising cutting-edge technologies. Reach out to us to learn more. In the Metaverse, we design interactive environments that enable user interaction.
The metaverse's VR real estate can be used to host a variety of activities, from corporate meetings and learning sessions to social gatherings and music concerts.
Events held in the metaverse can reach a much larger audience while still preserving the intimacy and sincerity of the interactions. The majority of platforms publish their monthly schedule of events in advance.

Live Events on Metaverse

Concerts & Other Live Events Are Coming To The Metaverse

A concert is immersive. Participants can design their own avatars on the Metaverse to experience being physically present at the event. Like any live performance, they can engage with one another by dancing, laughing, and singing along.
In addition to adding entertaining and interesting 3D items that improve the sense of shared experiences, organisers can also add AI chatbots as guides or assistants to direct, welcome, or communicate with guests. Moreover, allowing attendees to mingle freely and form relationships. The Metaverse is well-equipped to improve ticket sales and attendance' experiences, whether it is for musicals, stand-up comedy shows, open mics, or any workshop.
Having witnessed the evolution of XR over the past decade, we have supported our clients on industry-specific strategy, art, design, user experience, development, QA, and analytics.

Live Events on Metaverse