3D Product Design

3D Product Design

The use of 3D product design and modelling has increased dramatically across many industries in the age of fast digitalization and ongoing innovation. Industries all over the world use it to turn their creative ideas into reality using the variety of software that is currently available.
Everybody may benefit from their business with 3D product design and development services in India and worldwide because product design is an essential part of the product development lifecycle. Designing is the first phase of a product's conception. Hand sketches and concepts serve as the initial stage, and 3D modelling from a conceptual or manufacturing standpoint is then used.

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Why Choose Tej Studio

At Tej Studio, we value time above all else and recognise the value of precision and efficiency. Understanding the product and the issue it is intended to answer is the first step in both our 3D product design services and 3D modelling services. We develop a mood board for the client to discuss ideas once we have a thorough understanding of the product and its intended use.
We engage in numerous feedback loops with the client during various phases of our 3D Design, using their comments to enhance the product while it is being developed. Our designers have extensive backgrounds in both industrial design and plastics production design. When using design in the manufacturing phase, design for manufacturing, or DFAM, is essential.

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